BillionGraves Death Certificates

What are death certificates?

Death certificates are legal documents issued by the government following a death. The information on the form is supplied by an informant who is usually a close family member.

What genealogical data can I learn from Death Certificates?

The information on death certificate varies based on the governing agency and time period but the following information is typical:

  • Name of the deceased (married women usually by maiden name)
  • Birth date
  • Birth place
  • Death date
  • Death place
  • Name of spouse
  • Parent’s names
  • Birthplace of parents
  • Residence address at time of death
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age at death
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Military information
  • Attending Physician’s Name
  • Dates and duration of final of medical care
  • Burial Place
  • Burial Date
  • Undertaker’s name
  • Informant’s name and address

What years do death certificates cover?

Death records began in 1871 for people who died inside city limits and in 1907 for people who died outside of city limits.

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BillionGraves Death Certificates

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